Hazardous Waste


Modern household chemicals make life easier. These household products placed in the trash might leach out and contaminate surface and ground water supplies. There is a strict ban on placing these items in your dumpster or in the landfill. Chemicals are never to be poured down the drain or into storm sewers. These toxic chemicals are water pollutants.

The best way for all of us in the Natrona County area to start to solve potential environmental and health problems is for each of us to bring our unwanted, leftover household chemicals to the City of Casper special waste and diversion facility.

Hours and Location

The Special Waste and Diversion Facility is located at 1883 Station Rd, across from the main entrance of the Regional Solid Waste Facility (1886 Station Rd).

Special Waste Facility Hours of Operation:
The Special Waste Facility maintains the same schedule as the Solid Waste Facility and may have reduced hours or be closed on certain holidays.  Click here for the current holiday schedule.

Contact Information

Location: ​1883 Station Rd Casper, WY 82609

Tel: (307)235-8246