Casper Area Long Range Transportation Plan: Connecting Crossroads

The Long Range Transportation Plan is complete! 
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Update the 2014 Long Range Transportation Plan for the Casper Urbanized area to lead the development of transportation infrastructure and programming for a 30-year horizon (2048).

Discovery Phase
Initial period of data collection and analysis, as well as review of existing planning documents, projects, policy frameworks, assets and opportunities.

Desire Phase
Robust public participation including a series of engagement activities, meetings, and workshops with community members, county and city leadership, and stakeholders to determine the community’s vision and goals, as well as strengths and opportunities in the current transportation system.

Design Phase
Generate project ideas, develop and evaluate scenarios and potential outcomes, and establish a performance-based framework for transportation spending and prioritization derived from community values and needs.

Documentation Phase
Synthesize all information gathered and developed throughout the planning process, emphasizing and deemphasizing project priorities based on community and stakeholder feedback. Recommendations will be in the form of a briefing book style (with technical appendices) with a focus on the project action plans – a phased and prioritized implementation plan in five-year increments going to the forecast year of 2048 including strategies and actions to accommodate the safe and efficient movement of people and goods in ways the best meet the community goals established at the project outset. The study will document specific implementation options for important transportation corridors to achieve the vision of attractive gateways and a safe, efficient, convenient, cost-effective, system.