Garden Creek Restoration

The Garden Creek Project at Nancy English Park

About Garden Creek

Garden Creek originates on Casper Mountain, near the central crest of the mountain. The creek runs through Rotary Park near the base of the mountain, plunging beautifully over a cliff to form the Garden Creek falls. The creek then runs south under Wyoming Boulevard and west of Poplar Street, through the Valley Hill neighborhood, under CY Avenue through the Fort Casper neighborhood on a course to the North Platte River. 
The Garden Creek corridor contains steep banks. As the creek flows from 8,000 feet in elevation on Casper Mountain to approximately 900 feet in elevation at the river, the fast flowing water causes erosion and down-cutting. The creek did not always look as it does today. 
In the past, the creek corridor contained deep rooted grasses and sedges that better stabilized the bank. The banks were not deep and the creek had access to the floodplain (the low flat area around the creek where water overflows during flooding). The creek also contained pools or wide areas. These elements slowed the water, preventing erosion. As the area around Garden Creek was developed, the natural floodplain was eliminated and the grasses were mowed. To try to prevent erosion, many landowners placed boulders in the bank, hoping to slow the waters flow. These boulders resulted in additional down cutting. 

The Restoration Project

In 2004, the City of Casper began a process to improve 2,000 feet of Garden Creek through Nancy English Park. The project involved public meetings, a landowner’s survey, and restoration work. The project was funded through a 319 Federal Grant. 
The project involved channel realignment and placing rock j-hooks, in-stream boulders and rock, rock weirs and logs in strategic places to prevent bank erosion. These features help to slow the waters flow without causing down cutting. Native species of grasses, plants, trees, and bushes were also placed along the creek. As part of the project, the city parks department does not mow this area. This riparian buffer area of tall native species grasses and plants will also prevent erosion. 
Native Species Planted: 

 Mountain Mahogany

 Big Sagebrush


 Rugosa Rose


 Common Lilac



 Silver Buffaloberry

 Blanket Flower



 Virginia Creeper

 Woods Rose

 Late Lilac

 Rabbit Brush



The Garden Creek Stream Restoration project was completed in the summer of 2009. Interpretive signs are located in Nancy English Park describing the project. Take a tour of Nancy English Park today! 


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