Poop FairyLike the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, or the Yeti, the fabled poop fairy has been the stuff of legend.  Flying undetected in parks, neighborhoods, campgrounds, and schoolyards, she was said to follow close behind dogs and their owners- picking up what the dog left behind, before flying off to the next canine creation.  A widespread belief that she existed seemed to reassure some that cleaning up after one's dog was sort of... optional.  But we are here to tell you, sorry Virginia, there is no poop fairy.

On the Right Side of the Law

Scooping your pet's waste is not only neighborly and loving to your pet... it's the law.  City of Casper Ordinance 6.04.90 says:  "It shall be the responsibility of the owner of a dog, cat or other animal to keep his property free and clear of animal waste" and "the owner of every dog, cat, or other animal is responsible for the removal of any excreta deposited by his/her animal on public walks, recreation areas, or private property other than that of the owner."
Simply put... you should scoop the poop every time and every where.

The Facts about dog poop

Dog Poop Doesn't Biodegrade Like wild Animal Poop
Because we feed our dogs food that's very different from the food wild animals eat, dog waste does not biodegrade quickly like wild animal waste.  And because of the sheer number of pets in neighborhoods and in local parks, this hardy dog waste accumulates.  The only way it disappears is when it gets picked up by dog owners.

Dog Poop Contains Harmful Bacteria, Parasites
Dog waste can contain harmful organisms like E. coli, giardia, salmonella, roundworms, hookworms, and cryptosporidium.  These can be passed on to you or your pet, and may cause health problems.

Dog Waste Pollutes Groundwater, Water Bodies
Bacteria in dog waste can harm water quality in creeks and rivers, and alter the ecosystems of these stream corridors.  Waste can be carried by storm drains into the North Platte River.
Look for the Scoop the Poop team at community events.  The team will be taking pledges from pet owners and handing out "iscoop" pet waste bag holders and bags!  Show everyone that you are a responsible pet owner by sporting the iscoop holder everywhere you go!
Available daily at:
Event Schedule:
NicFest,  June 26-28
Party with your Pup, July 9
CityFest, August (tba)
If you would like to have the iscoop waste holders are your dog related event, please contact us at 307-235-7562 or bandress@cityofcasperwy.com

We Scoop!

Owner's Name Dog's Name Owner's Name Dog's Name
Aleese Knox Nellie no getdown Patches Halloch Odin
Jennifer Moore Wylee Anna Harris Chase
Rose Fry Brady, McKenzie, Kona Leo Jenkens Bug
Cat Andersen Hazzard Christina Basso Tuffy
Risa Robeski Layla Michelle Talbert Lucy, Buster, Brandi
Denise Dick-Clark Watson Rachel Walker Izzy
Ben Walker Rusty Zack Thatcher Belle
Lisa Fujite Barney Marjorie Mowny Zoey
Kathleen Thatcher Belle Daniel St. John Bandit & Sam
Matt Fenn Izzy Heidi Lampman Pepper & Libby
Michelle Hans Griffin Cary Galvin Tonka
Connie Auttman Rose Jen Ford Promise, Sirius, Optimus, & Bella
Rhonda Aune Rizzo Cassidy Caruth Pheobe
Danielle Bandeburg Izzy Pat Greiner Charlie
Karsyn Hornby Sas Bridget Howard Roper
Kayleigh Barrett Woodrow, Izze Kim Wiese Malley
Cecilia Foltz Dakota Melody Lee Pete, Joesie, Boomer, Maddie, and PePe
Sam McClelland Harley & Hobi Joyce Foreman Gracie & Isabel
Alyssa Bailey Oliver Cori Jackson Leena, Hoss
Fiona Warren Bear Trevor Warren Logan
Cydney Askin Winston Mark Starr Riley
Barbara Redder Buster Amanda Harviel Scooby & Olive
T Ferguson Biscuit Lyndon Lack Roxy & Reo
Janelle Underwood Riley Peggy Nadin Rascal, Whitney, Jesi
Olen Wrigth Buttons Elizabeth Steinhaus Sabrina
Karen Christensen Jeffrey Bryant Brutus
Ronald Loveland Buddy & Baby Dawn Anderson Quigley
Clareesa Zook Autumn Laura Zook Skye
Abigail Lucy Peggy Mosser Ruston
Jamie Bilek Lobo Monica Turner Lucy
Tia Leschin Kash Wanda Beever Abby
Lauranna Eckerle Bob lee french Robert Varnel Boss & Belle
Eugene Hall Jade, Guetto, & George W. Heather Lenardson Cricket
Melissa Cook Hercules & Shadow Vickie Jasmann Sonny
Linda Clark Emma James Luckerbach Toby
Jacob Lubencah Sammi John Kinney Shaymus
Bill Ochs Boone & Buster Barb Darling Spirit
Karen Wyatt Taz, Sapa, & Koda Wanda Johnson Cova
Mary Jo Schubargo Alex Michael De Jongh Tucker
Tracy Lake Maximus, Leelabell, Sasha, & Bech Cassandra Kofoid Henry, Gem & Moose
John Barry Sterling Kathy Davis Tinker Bell
Katie Matuse Toby & Carly Ralph Syvertson Rocky
Reannon Kwallek Bear Kat Bohr-Buresh Plato & Phozzie
Tanya Stolns Willow Randi Van Norman Ruger & Shilo
Teresa Fender Hannibal Katherine Fender Kora, Tater, & Hannibal
Jess Moncrieff Bajo & Camo Tiffany Hammer Pedro
Michaela Makin Paige & Rush Ethan Hoelken Darcy
Robert Leyba Sadie & Jack McCoy Stevens John
Essie Mathenia Cinnomen, Obey, & Ray Ray Mareine Smit Ponge & Strummer
Abby Flesvig Lucy Betty Lenhart Belle
Lynette Chavez Basco Lori Spearman Lily
Christina Nelson Gizmo & Mauvey Amber Street Lilly
Kirky McManus Oscar Janet Perry Hannah, Guff, Emily, & Cali
Elizabeth Brown Rae Rae & Cinnamon Caitlin Harmon Tank
Barbara Granaas Rubbe2sday Ashlee Oryall Kloe
Kelley Miller Selena Jeni Cole Bear
Misty Jacobs Snoop Tabitha Arner Princess & Joker
Cassady Hoff Reddick & Benelli Jennifer Wistisen Lucky, Hunnie, & Mira
Zaylie Johnson Zeus Deborah Kuhn Mike
Zerobia Rice Chloe Linda McMillen Sophie
Ryan Shellenberger Kota Vaniessa Sargent Dozzer
Mark Patceg Maggie & Pearl Amber Stzesak Jake
RL Wheeler Marley Katrina Muerdler Big Boy
Candice Papke Pumba Laurie Scott Wickett & Spike
Junior Chavez Baby-D


Meet the Spokesdog 

2016 Spokesdog: Remington
2015 Spokesdog: Pickle


Pickle is very excited to be this year's "Scoop the Poop" spokesdog.  You will see Pickle on billboards, newspaper ads, internet ads, and even hear her name on the radio.  Pickle is proud to spread the message that responsible owners scoop.  An older dog than past spokesdogs, Pickle is the voice of experience and reason.  She knows that people hate stepping in dog poop and she wants to spread the word that dogs don't like it either.

Past Spokesdogs


2014 Spokesdog: Koda

2013 Spokesdog: Lucy
2012 Spokesdog: Duncan