Plastics Recycling

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 recycling questions

Look on the bottom

Plastic containers/bottles should be marked with a number 1 or 2 inside a recycle symbol. This is usually located on the bottom. 
plastics one

plastics two
Plastics number 1  
Examples: water bottles, salad
dressing bottles, soda bottles, hair gel
bottles, juice bottles, etc.
Plastics number 2
 Examples: water and milk jugs,
detergent bottles, shampoo bottles,
lotion bottles, aspirin bottles, etc.

Easy Steps 

 throw lide in trash empty all liquids
1.  Put all lids/caps & pumps in trash 2.  Empty all liquids
3. Rinse all containers
flatten   take bin 
4.  Flatten   5. Take to the depot 

6.  Place in designated bin

Not Accepted

  • plastic bags/wrappers 
  • shrink wrap 
  • Styrofoam 
  • plastic film 
  • peanut butter jars 
  • honey bottles 
  • syrup containers 
  • motor oil bottles 
  • plastics 3-7