We serve, to consistently improve the health and safety of our community with skill and compassion.




  • Together we can do more than as individuals
  • Goals are achieved through teamwork

    Excellence in Customer Service

  • Constantly seeking opportunities to provide quality customer service
  • Strive to always achieve customer satisfaction

     “Can – Do” Attitude

  • Expect creativity and innovation
  • Rise to challenges
  • Self-motivated, “driven” attitude
  • Overcome obstacles and hurdles in service implementation

     Safety and Welfare of the Employees

  • Maintain a sense of urgency without compromising safety
  • Promote safe work habits through training
  • Be pro-active in injury prevention efforts
  • Realize your limitations

     Be Prepared

  • Promote readiness through training
  • Maintain equipment and resources
  • Maintaining excellence in physical fitness
  • Avoid complacency

     Honesty and Integrity

  • Instill unequivocal trust in one another
  • Maintain community trust and respect
  • Always remain loyal, reverent, and honorable
  • Maintain a high level of pride in the Department

     This Agency Values and Respects all Persons

  • Strive to ensure that all customers and co-workers are treated with respect and dignity
  • Our employees are indispensable, valuable components of this agency and community
  • Maintain consistency, equality and fairness in all personnel matters

     Future Planning and Vision

  • Anticipate the future and the imperative for positive change and growth
  • Stay abreast of fire service trends and patterns
  • Seeking new opportunities in service implementation

     Excellent Communications

  • Good communication is the key to outstanding service and morale
  • Up, down, and lateral internal communications are indispensable
  • Inform and educate the public while continually seeking feedback

For information about Natrona County please visit The Natrona Regional Geospatial Cooperative website.

There is a tab for Natrona County Public Safety that will include CFD call information.
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