Report a Streetlight Outage

To keep your neighborhood lit, report streetlight outages!

Most streetlights in the City of Casper are maintained by Rocky Mountain Power.  Streetlights in the North Casper neighborhood, decorative lights downtown, and decorative bridge lights are maintained by the City and the Wyoming Department of Transportation.  

You can report a streetlight outage directly to Rocky Mountain Power  via their web site or you may report the streetlight to the City of Casper and we will report the outage on your behalf.

Rocky Mountain Power may also be reached at 1-888-221-7070 

To expedite the request, please include all requested information.  If a pole has a yellow plate with black numbers, as pictured below, including the number ensures that workers find the correct pole faster. 

pole plate

Report a Streetlight Outage

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 Streetlights are repaired during daylight hours when they are not on. Please provide any information that will help crews locate the correct streetlight/area light.


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