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Posted on 09/17/2019

The Casper City Council is continuing to look at the posted speed limits throughout Casper. Setting speed limits is part of the City’s overall public safety plan and often involves speed studies, accident reviews, traffic standards, traffic flow, and more.  However, input from the public is being requested as well. Citizens can provide comments on current speed limits they think are too high or too low using the form below.

Feedback received from this public comment portal will be reviewed and considered by Council and City staff to determine if any changes are needed.

Please note:  there are several roadways through Casper that are Wyoming State Highway and therefore, controlled by the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT).  Speed limits on these roadways cannot be changed by the City of Casper.

The following is a list of streets in the City that are controlled by WyDOT:

E. Yellowstone Hwy. – Wyoming Blvd. to 1st St (26)
E. 1st St.  - Yellowstone Hwy to Mills (26)
        Wyoming Blvd – Evansville to Mills (258)
Casper Mountain Rd –  W.27th  St. to the top of the mountain (251)
CY Ave. – Poplar St. to Robertson Rd. (220)
S. Poplar St. – Wyoming Blvd. to Casper Mountain Rd.
Poplar St. – F St.  to CY Ave. (220)
F St. – Beverly St.  to Poplar St.
E St. –  Beverly St. to Poplar St.
US Interstate I-25

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