Proposal deadline extended

Posted on 03/25/2021

Proposal deadline extended for television programming and production services

Cable Channel 192 dedicated to education and government                                                         

Casper, Wyoming (March 25, 2021) City of Casper extended the proposal deadline for programming and production services for its cable television channel.  “We will accept proposals until noon on May 20, 2021,” stated City Clerk Fleur Tremel.   

Spectrum, a cable television company doing business in Casper, provides the city with a channel dedicated solely to education and government.  “Casper currently uses Channel 192 to broadcast Casper City Council meetings, Casper Planning and Zoning Commission meetings, and bid openings,” said Tremel.  An education and government channel is restricted in the programming it can do.  “We are requesting proposals to see if we can expand the education and government programming,” explained Tremel.  Tremel went on to list the following goals for the request for proposals:

  • promote the public’s interest in the City of Casper and showcase services provided to the community;
  • highlight City policies, procedures, resources, activities, services and events;
  • provide Casper residents with avenues for City information;
  • tell the stories of Casper’s diverse local community;
  • educate and inform the public;
  • engage the citizenry; and,
  • enhance the democratic process by making government more transparent.

Details and information on proposal submission is available on the city’s website,