Pothole Repair Drive

Posted on 05/01/2019
Yesterday marked the end of the City of Casper’s April 2019 Pothole Repair Drive. During the month of April, the City of Casper Streets Department focused attention on filling as many potholes on Casper streets as possible and asked for the public’s help in locating them. Streets Manager Shad Rodgers explained, “over the course of the last month, even with stoppages related to spring snow storms, the City of Casper Street’s Department was able to make serious progress filling potholes and maintaining City streets.”

Over the course of the City’s 2019 Pothole Repair Drive the City of Casper:

Received 120 requests for pothole repair in April compared to 132 pothole repair requests in all of 2018. 

Filled 1,141 potholes totaling 22,459 square feet compared to 4,707 square feet of potholes in April 2018

Used 200 tons of hot mix asphalt to repair the 2019 potholes

Rodgers continued explaining that a change of protocol led to the increase from 2018. “This year in addition to asking for the public’s help in locating them, we mapped out a street by street, neighborhood by neighborhood pothole sweep in an effort to find and fill all the potholes on Casper streets,” reported Rodgers. The City tracked citizen requests and repaired potholes within three business days of the request.  

Casper City Manager Carter Napier commented on the value of citizen involvement saying, “Citizens are often our eyes on the community.  We are thankful for everyone’s willingness to help us.” The City will still repair potholes and perform street maintenance throughout the year, and citizens are encouraged to report potholes at www.casperwy.gov, on the City of Casper App, or at 235-8283.