Comments taken on ordinance amendment

Posted on 07/22/2021

Casper asks citizens to comment on proposed traffic ordinance amendment
Ordinance impacts traffic laws regarding scooters, bicycles, and more

Casper, Wyoming (July 22, 2021) – Casper City Council is working on changes to Casper’s traffic laws.  The second of three readings will occur at a special session on July 27th, and the third reading is scheduled for the August 3rd Casper City Council Meeting.  Council is considering amendments to Chapter 10.64 regarding bicycles, toy vehicles, rollerblades, in-line skates, roller skates, snowboards, skis, rollerskis, scooters, coasters, skateboards, and similar devices. “The amendment was prompted by City Council’s interest in allowing a dockless e-scooter company to park their scooters-for-rent in the public right of way throughout Casper’s downtown,” reported City Manager Carter Napier.  Casper City Council has discussed charging fees for public right of way use.

“To make it convenient for citizens to voice their opinions on the proposed ordinance amendments, an online input form has been opened on Casper’s website at,” said Napier.  In addition to the online form, the City of Casper takes citizen input in several ways.  Citizens can: 

  • Attend a meeting and speak during the public hearing part of the meeting for the ordinance.
  • Schedule a call-in for the public hearing part of the meeting. Citizens may call 307-235-8272 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Monday before the Council meeting or 8 a.m. to noon on Tuesday, the meeting day. Staff will provide citizens with a link or phone number to access the meeting.
  • Provide email comments to

Napier went on to explain an ordinance amendment requires readings at three separate Council meetings.  The ordinance with the redlined proposed changes is available on the City of Casper website. 

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