Code Of Ethics Public Comment

Posted on 08/15/2019

A City Council Code of Ethics is being considered by the current City Council membership. Prior to the first public reading of the ordinance, Council is requesting input from the public. Citizens can view the ordinance and provide comments on the home page of the city’s website at The public comment period will last through Friday, August 30, 2019.

The feedback garnered from this public comment portal will be utilized to help draft the ordinance. The first discussion Council will have after this comment period opens will be at the August 27, 2019 Work Session. The period will remain open after this meeting to allow for more feedback after the discussion Council has at this meeting. The updated ordinance will be scheduled for a public hearing during a regular Council meeting. Additionally, City Manager Carter Napier explained that depending on the results of the public hearing, the ordinance might be sent back to work session for further adjustments or it could be scheduled to go through the usual public hearing process for ordinances in front of the Council.”

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Code of Ethics Public Comment

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