City Prepares for Fall Storm

Posted on 10/08/2019
The City of Casper is making preparations for the snow storm forecasted for later this week. In addition to getting the snowplows ready, the City is mapping places for tree limb disposal sites, considering what changes may need to be made to City services, prepping staff for storm response, and planning how to communicate information to citizens.  “Plows will be ready to clear all arterial and collector streets as soon as they are needed,” said Casper Streets Division Manager Shad Rodgers. 

Trees in Casper still have most of their leaves, which was also the case in 2014 when an early snowstorm caused massive tree branch breakage and damage. “Given the amount of foliage still on the trees, and the possibility that the City might have an abundance of broken tree limbs again, we have identified branch disposal sites should we require them,” reported Rodgers.  

Other snowstorm dangers include downed power lines and icy roads.  “Should any of these occur, the City will be working to keep streets open and safe for travel,” explained Rodgers. “That may mean closing streets with steep intersections and creating alternate routes to avoid vehicle accidents.”    Rodgers went on to remind citizens to plan alternate routes and allow extra time to safely reach destinations.  Current information on street closures, the state of City services, and more will be posted at