City Sanitizes Park Playgrounds

Posted on 03/31/2020

City Sanitizes Park Playgrounds

Social distancing rules still apply on playgrounds

Casper, Wyoming (March 31, 2020)  City of Casper parks department crews are using a bleach solution to sanitize playgrounds. “Staff has been visiting playgrounds with sprayers,” explained Parks and Recreation Director Tim Cortez.  “We cannot over emphasize that the social distancing rule of six feet between people still applies on playgrounds.  Families cannot gather with people outside their household to play at the playground.”  


Cortez went on to give a fact sheet on the bleach solution they are using and how it can be used in households, too.


Cleaning with chlorine bleach

 Chlorine bleach is an effective disinfectant when used properly.  The City of Casper is using a 200 part per million bleach solution for disinfection to kill COVID-19.    Here are some facts regarding this solution and how it works.

  • The active ingredient in bleach is sodium hypochlorite.  Household bleach is a solution of 5-6% sodium hypochlorite.  
  • More doesn’t mean better.  While the higher the amount of bleach equals a higher level of disinfection, most surfaces do not need a strong (medical) disinfection.  An intermediate 200 ppm solution will kill the COVID-19 virus effectively.  This is less than ¼ cup of bleach per gallon of water.  A higher solution is not warranted.
  • Bleach solutions can be corrosive and cause skin, eye, and respiratory irritation.  Appropriate protective equipment such as cleaning gloves should be worn when applying the disinfectant. 
  • Surfaces are left wet for at least 1 minute.  This is the amount of time the solution needs to effectively kill the virus.
  •  Bleach is a great disinfectant but is not a great cleaning agent.  Surfaces that need cleaning are cleaned first, then disinfected.  For safety, the bleach solution is never mixed with other chemicals.
  •  Once dry, surfaces are safe to touch and sit on without damaging clothing or irritating skin.

 Disinfecting with bleach at home:

  • Do not mix bleach with other cleaners.  Bleach can chemically react with lots of other cleaners-- so just don’t do it.  It’s best to leave the process as two step.  Step 1 clean and let surface dry; Step 2 disinfect.

 Bleach may damage surfaces or discolor materials; so check surfaces in an inconspicuous area first.