Census Count As Important As Social Distancing

Posted on 04/01/2020

April 1 is Census Day

Officials remind this shape-the-future count is a great stay at home activity 

Casper, Wyoming (April 1, 2020)  Casper officials are reminding the community that today is Census Day.  “It is the once-a-decade count that is as important to our community as social distancing,” stated City Manager Carter Napier.  “We need everyone to complete the form and be counted.  The results of the data will shape the future of our community.”  Napier went on to say  Census data will determine how hospitals and health care in towns and cities across the state and country will get funded for the next ten years.

Census information can be completed at home utilizing the online address my2020census.gov or by calling 1-844-330-2020.  “We have been advised that the phone call-in is a national dial in number and there can be a longer wait,” reported Napier.  “The online form can be completed in minutes.”