Trash do not flush toilet paper alternatives

Posted on 03/13/2020
Trash tp alternativesWith the shortage of toilet paper in the Casper area, residents may have to turn to alternate items such as hygiene wipes, baby wipes, napkins, facial tissue, or paper towels.  “Despite some packaging claims of being flushable, these items must be thrown away in the trash,” explained Krista Johnston, sanitary sewer/stormwater manager.  Johnston went on to warn of sewer backups from flushing these products.

According to Johnston, “wipes, paper towels, facial tissue, and napkins do not break down in the sewer line and will clog pipes and cause sewer backups in residents’ basements, or crawl spaces or even within City main lines.”  Main lines can backup into several houses and cause public health issues and property losses.  “It is important that this shortage of toilet paper does not create another public health issue for our community.  There would be no definitive timeline that sewers could be cleaned out and sewer service restored,” said Johnston.  Additionally, sewer backups can create property losses that are not always covered by homeowners or renters insurance.  “It is important to get the word out to bag paper towels, napkins, facial tissue and wipes used instead of toilet paper.  Put it with your regular trash that goes to the City landfill.” 

For more information on preventing sewer backups, visit the No Wipes in the Pipes city information page.