Hotels and Rooming Houses Licenses

Hotels & Rooming Houses 

The following requirements must be met to hold a Hotel and Rooming house License: 
  1. License must be posted in a conspicuous manner 
  2. All rooms and apartments must be numbered in a plain and conspicuous manner, and no two rooms may bear the same number. 
  3. Licensees must keep a standard hotel registry and must be signed by the person renting the room, or their representative. The Licensee or agent must write the room the guest is to occupy and the time the room was rented in this registry. 
  4. Use of fictitious names prohibited in the hotel register 
  5. Any officer of the city the right to enter into and upon the premises of the licensee for the purpose of inspection at any reasonable hour. 
  6. No licensee may permit the hotel, rooming house or lodging house to be used for the purpose of prostitution or other illegal or immoral practices as defined by the city code. 
For licenses issued to any copartnership, corporation or association to conduct a hotel, rooming house or lodging house, any person having charge, management or control of such establishment shall be liable to prosecution for any violation of this chapter.
For the purpose of determining the liability of any person to prosecution for violations of any of the provisions of the hotel/rooming house license it shall be sufficient to show that such person was, at the time of the act of violation complained of, the person in actual charge, management or control of the house in which such act is alleged to have been committed.