Transit Program

The City of Casper is the designated recipient for federal transit grants in the Casper urbanized area. The City also contributes money from the general fund to support public transportation. While local municipalities (including Casper, Mills, and Evansville) own all of the buses, the City of Casper contracts the operations of the transit system to the Casper Area Transportation Coalition (CATC), a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation.

CATC operates a fixed route service called “The Bus” and a door-to-door service called “CATC.”

For more information about the transit system, call (307) 265-1313.

The City of Casper's transit program operates without regard to race, color, or national origin. If you have questions about the City's Civil Rights obligations, please click here.

Look for the white buses below which are called "The Bus" and offer fixed route service in the Casper area and the cream colored buses are called "CATC" and offer door-to-door service.