Working with the public, elected officials, and professional staff
to plan our road, trail, bus, and rail systems.



The Casper Area MPO has three committees. Each has a specific role to ensure broad-based support for transportation projects in the region.

Policy Committee. This is the governing body for the MPO. The Policy Committee members are:

Chair: Phil Hinds, Mayor of Evansville
Vice-Chair: John Lawson, Natrona County Commissoner
Bar Nunn: Patrick Ford, Mayor
Mills: Seth Coleman, Mayor
Casper: Bob Hopkins, City Councilman
Casper: Carter Napier, City Manager
WYDOT: Lowell Fleenor, District Engineer
CATC*: Steve Kurtz, CATC Board Member
Airport*: Glenn Januska, Airport Manager
  *=nonvoting, ex-officio members


Technical Committee. Each jurisdiction sends planners, engineers, or public works officials to address the technical aspects of projects. These professionals brief their elected officials on MPO projects. The Technical Committee members are:

Chair:                           Mike Coleman, Mills
Vice Chair:                  Dan  Adcock, Evansville
Bar Nunn:                    Ray Catellier
Casper:                         Andrew Beamer
Casper:                         Liz Becher
Natrona County:          Mike Haigler
WYDOT:                      Jack Stone
Transit:                         Marge Cole   

Citizens Advisory Committee. The Citizens Committee represents residents and specific transportation modes. The Citizens Committee members are:

City of Casper   Town of Mills
Robin Broumley, Vice-Chairman   Vacant
Damion Burback    
Lou Grunewald   Town of Evansville
Steve Loftin    Greg Schuetz
Vacant    Town of Bar Nunn 
Vacant   Kristi Schuetz
Natrona County    
Sandra Cole     
Chuck Davis    
Ruth Doyle    
Steve Emery, Chairman