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Former Plains Furniture Properties

At their May 23rd work session, the City Council viewed the redevelopment concepts for the former Plains Furniture properties, and the proposed sale of the properties was presented as a way to cover the cost of demolishing the former Plains Furniture building for public parking. The three (3) buildings slated for development include the former Ka-Lark’s studio, a former horse barn, and the former Milo’s Toyota shop. The concepts were designed by the City’s Community Development and GIS teams using  three-dimensional modeling software to visualize the potential of the redevelopment of the Plains site.


Because the buildings are historical, and date back to the early 1900’s with similar features to the former Fruit Warehouse which now houses Racca’s, Art 321, and Urban Bottle, the Old Yellowstone District Advisory Committee and Historic Preservation Commission toured the buildings in preparation to help market them to developers who can incorporate the buildings’ historic qualities into their design and reuse plans.


Interest in the properties has grown since the May 23rd work session presentation. The City has been contacted with confidential inquiries regarding all three (3) buildings. There are seven (7) known parties interested in the larger buildings. Nine (9) known parties have shown interest in the small, brick building on the corner of Ash and Midwest. Appraisals have been completed in anticipation of issuing Requests for Proposal.


Former Ka-Larks




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