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Career Services

The responsibilities of the Career Services division include maintaining, and developing training for officers and department personnel, as well as recruiting and hiring new officers.


The Career Services division brings numerous classes to the community, not only training our officers, but other agencies throughout Wyoming and the region as well. Examples of some of the classes hosted are; The National Gang Center Gang Training, Denver PD Gang Training, and Crisis Intervention Team Training. The department stays committed to training officers and personnel to have the best people serving our community. In 2013, there was a total of 725 hours of training, attended by 1,455 people, conducted in the training center.


Career Services conducts entry-level tests for new hires.  New Police Officers at the Casper Police Department undergo a 542 hour training course at the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy as well as an additional 16 weeks of training with the PTO program before becoming sworn Casper Police Officers. The average trainee goes through over 1,182 hours of training at the Casper Police Department.


Career Services also conducts internal job postings. These include new openings in for Detectives, Crime Prevention Officer, Field Force (riot control), Evidence Technicians, and other specialty positions. These specialty positions allow officers to move laterally from patrol to experience new challenges, and in turn, become better, more well-rounded officers.

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