Welcome to the City of Casper, Wyoming



Community Service Officers

The Community Service Office consists of 4 non-sworn Officers. Their office is located in the front lobby of the Casper Police Department. Services include Fingerprints and Vehicle ID Inspections Monday through Friday. The CSOs also provide general assistance to the public and support functions for the department.

CSOs: Randy Butler, Patricia Moore, Rick Dye, and Cynthia Randel

Monday through Friday, two CSO’s work the street in support of the patrol division. Duties include taking reports, collecting and logging property, vehicle identification inspections, fingerprints, subpoena service, and parking enforcement.

Parking Enforcement

CSO Randy Butler is the Parking Enforcement Officer for the department. CSO Butler enforces parking ordinances in the Downtown Business District and throughout Casper. Through CSO Butler’s efforts, the department has established strong connections with the Downtown Merchants and the Downtown Development.

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