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Victim Services


We pride ourselves in contacting victims of all crimes. This year we continued contacting victims of residential, auto and business burglaries. This year we also maintained a spreadsheet available to detectives and patrol officers containing a list of items that were stolen and where those items were stolen.


The employees of the CPD Victim Services Unit are experts on protection orders and threat assessment. We have been contacted by the 7th Judicial Circuit Court to confer with them regarding these issues.



The Casper Police Department Victim Services Unit remains a significant resource for training in the community. We continued to help with the PARTY program, the CIT program, the bank teller instruction program, as well as a death scene program at Casper College.



The Victim Response Unit provides assistance at scenes of critical incidents such as death scenes, domestic violence scenes, or wherever our skills are deemed beneficial



The Casper Police Victims Services Unit continues to provide emergency housing, collaborating with several area hotels, emergency lock changes for victims needing that service. We provide on scene and continuing crisis management counseling and services to members of this community, the Casper Police Department, and our allied agencies such as the Wyoming Medical Center and the Self Help Center to name just a few. We also respond to DUI fatalities including calls in the county. Victim Services has remained a key force in providing death notifications to family and friends in these horrible situations.



These are two examples of the services CPD Victim Services provides throughout the community and throughout the state as well.


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