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Property Evidence

The duties of the Property Evidence section include the collection, logging, processing, and storage of evidence, as well as crime scene processing. When needed, evidence is packaged and submitted to the Wyoming State Crime Laboratory for analysis. When property is no longer needed for evidence is returned to the owner or destroyed. All photographs, latent fingerprints, audio, and videotapes are logged and stored in the evidence unit. Marijuana is tested at the Casper Police Department and all other controlled substances are sent to the Crime Lab. Marijuana testing is also performed for other agencies such as the Natrona County Sheriff’s Department,  the Mills Police Department, and the Evansville Police Department. Property Evidence Technicians testify in court, provide tours of the department, compare fingerprints, and fingerprint the public. In 2013, the Property and Evidence section held an auction for abandoned property. The section also managed controlled substance destruction, and firearms forfeiture for the Casper Police Department

Pictured: Evidence Technicians Chris Reed and Marla Tuma.

In 2013, the Casper Police Department installed an Evidence Management Module which includes a bar coding system. This system expedites the retrieval, return, audit and inventory of evidence held by the Casper Police Department. While only in use since December 1, 2013, it has already proved to be a valuable tool for evidence tracking.  


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